If your water bill unexpectedly increases, or if you have a concern about leaky pipes, Bob Hoefler Plumbing has the expertise to locate and repair it.  Below are a few things you can do at home to identify or prevent plumbing leaks:

  • Be sure to take care of exterior piping so that it does not freeze during the winter months.
  • Routinely check the pipes in your home, and be on the lookout for rust or drops of water.
  • Frost-free hose bibs can be installed to help prevent freezing and should be considered.
  • Check all the faucet handles for leakage around the valve or stem. When checking the faucets, be sure to monitor the drain piping under the sink as water flows.
  • Work the water plug in your sink or tub while the water is running, check for leaks in these movable parts where they connect to the drain system.
  • Run your dishwasher and garbage disposal and check for visible leaks.
  • Inspect the walls where pipes emerge. Check for discoloration, moisture and mold.
  • Be sure to check the exit end of the valve or valve piping for drips of water from your water heater. If the valve is leaking, promptly replace it.

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